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As pointed out by Carrie here (and brought up to me by Britt) the wonderful interview Jen and Colin did together was during the filming of 3x19, aka this Sunday’s episode! AND Jim Halterman all but confirmed that there is MORE of that interview he hasn’t posted yet [x].

So not only might we get more of this interview sometime this coming week, but there might be something great and spoilery happening this Sunday.

Who knows. Maybe a TLK?

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Sebastian Stan’s Mouth Appreciation Post: 8/

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"The next time your lips touch Emma Swan’s, all of her magic will be taken. Everything that makes her special, that makes her powerful, that makes her a threat will be gone. Kiss Emma and remove her powers or everyone she loves, dies”

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I think it’s so sad that Kreacher had prepared onion soup for dinner and was really proud, only to realise that Harry, Ron and Hermione wouldn’t come back to Grimmauld place 

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